Rynat Exclusive Colours By Merino

Rynat has collaborated with Merino to offer an exclusive 2021 Rynat anti-microbial compact laminate colour range for all Rynat customers.
Merino Pumic Grey Compact Laminate

Pumic Grey

Merino Folkstone Grey Compact Laminate

Folkstone Grey

Autumn Leaf Compact Laminate

Autumn Leaf

Merino Blush Compact Laminate


Merino Shangrila Compact Laminate


Merino Midnight Blue Compact Laminate

Midnight Blue

Merino Forrest Green Compact Laminate

Forrest Green

Merino Dark Citrus Compact Laminate

Dark Citrus

Merino Irish Cream Compact Laminate

Irish Cream

Merino White Lily Compact Laminate

White Lily

Merino Lustre Blue Compact Laminate

Lustre Blue

Merino Berry Bunch Compact Laminate

Berry Bunch

Merino Slate Compact Laminate


Merino Pearl Black Compact Laminate

Pearl Black

Merino Black Compact Laminate


Merino Marigold Compact Laminate


Merino Fern Green Compact Laminate

Fern Green

Merino Grassy Compact Laminate


Merino River Blue Compact Laminate

River Blue

Merino Polar Blue Compact Laminate

Polar Blue

Merino Lilac Compact Laminate


Merino Salmon Compact Laminate


Merino Cardinal Compact Laminate


Merino Irish


Merino Ink


Merino Helsinki Pine Oak

Helsinki Pine Oak

Merino Magas Irish Walnut

Magas Irish Walnut

Merino Biome Samsara Maple

Biome Samsara Maple

Merino Pabelo Acacia Exodus

Pabelo Acacia Exodus

Merino Ebony Sepia

Ebony Sepia

Arctic White

Arctic White Uni+
(White Core/White Edge)


Charcoal Finguard
(Fingerprint Resistant)


Black Finguard
(Fingerprint Resistant)

Full Colour Range

To view our full colour range please click here.

Merino Compact Laminate

Merino compact laminate is a polymer-matrix composite consisting of layers of materials that have been treated with an anti-microbial agent, it combats microbe growth on laminate surfaces. It prevents bacteria, unpleasant odours, staining, and premature surface deterioration.

All Merino laminate products come with anti-microbial compact laminate so that your bathroom/change room areas are built to the highest standard.

Benefits of Compact Laminate

  • Active 24/7
  • Effective Against Bacteria & Mold
  • Increases Product Durability
  • Minimizes Risk of Cross-Contamination
  • Safe to Use
Anti-microbial Compact Laminate

Anti-microbial Compact Laminate Diagram

Please download our 2021 Colour Brochure to see all the colour options available for Rynat products.

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