B262-130 TowelMate® Accessory

B262-130 TowelMate Accessory

  • Towel Mate helps lower building operating costs. Reduce paper towel consumption with controlled delivery
  • Dispenses one towel at time
  • Reduces towel usage and waste by 20% or more, eliminating towel bunching and multiple dispensing
  • Prevents towels from falling through opening
  • Works with most folded towels
  • Easily install in Bobrick and other manufacturers’ similar dispensers
  • Available as an optional accessory for Bobrick Model Number(s) B262, B2620, B2621, B26212


TowelMate part numbers available for existing units:
ApplicationPart NumberModels
Bobrick Contura Series3944-130
B4362, B43944, B43949
B4262, B4369, B43699
Bobrick TrimLine Series3803-130
B3803, B38032, B38034, B380349
B39034, B390349
B39003, B390034, B396034
B35903, 36903
Bobrick Classic Series3944-130
B3942, B3944, B3947, B3949
B359, B369, B3699
B262, B2620, B2621, B26212

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