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Rynat are committed to eliminate or minimise the impact of our products on the environment. We seek to use suppliers who share our commitment to best practice and who meet or exceed all applicable legal or legislative requirements. All Rynat’s lockers, bench seating, cubicles and IPS systems are manufactured from either Compact Laminate or Certified E0 or E1 grade timber substrates which help to improve outdoor quality offering low VOC and low formaldehyde meeting the GBCA’s standard requirements.

Reduce Manufacturing Waste to Optimise Production

Rynat continues to develop products that optimise the use of any off-cuts of raw materials thus minimising the waste factor. Our lockers require small components of raw material which offers the opportunity of utilising offcuts from other products such as wall or cubicle panelling. We are committed to fine tuning our manufacturing processes to keep our waste of raw materials to an absolute minimum. Waste reduction operates on the principle that prevention is better than a cure. By reducing the amount of packaging and other materials we consume, we can decrease the amount of waste that is generated in the first place, and hence the need for its disposal.

You Can Reduce Your Waste By

Buying in bulk and looking for products with little or no packaging, or looking for packaging that is made from recycled material or that is recyclable itself.

Re-use – Recycle – Convert Waste into Usable Material

Bobrick Washroom Accessories are fabricated from 50%-70% post-industrial (recycled) stainless steel. Soap & towel dispensers are engineered to reduce consumable usage, eliminating the need for proprietary towels and soap cartridges, thereby reducing the operating footprint of a given building.

All products that Rynat offer are made from either recyclable material, can be recycled or are designed in a modular fashion and are able to be dismantled and re-used.

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Rynat has completed over 10,000 installations across Australia over the past 30 years.

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