Gantner Smart Card Locks

Smart Locking Systems – Hardwired Locking

The only way to manage a large number of lockers. The Gantner hardwired GAT NET.lock 7020 Series locking solution is specifically designed to make larger locker installations highly manageable, reliable and secure.

Each Gantner lock performs three very important functions:

  1. Each lock secures its associated door.
  2. Each lock monitors the door for “door forced” (alarm) and correct door release (door blocked).
  3. Each lock performs the function of a smart card / NFC reader. This key feature of reading the user credential “through the door” at every door is key to the highly flexible modes of operation offered to customers.

About Gantner Smart Card Locks

  • No lost keys.
  • No flat batteries.
  • No wireless signal issues.
  • The Gantner Hardwired Locking solution has the locking components securely enclosed inside each locked locker.
  • The GAT NET.Lock 7020 incorporates a Red/Green LED light and beeper (programmable) providing intuitive locking feedback to users.
  • The Gantner Hardwired Locking system is managed by the powerful and user friendly GAT Relaxx Administration Software.

Recommended Applications

  • Agile Lockers
  • End of Trip Lockers
  • Fitness Centres
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Offices

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