Agile Workplace Lockers

Agile workplace lockers are suitable for commercial building types. Agile lockers come with engraved number plates, bag hooks, mail slot rear vents, coat cupboards and electrical outlets including USB ports. Doors can be constructed in 13mm compact laminate or 18mm MR MDF. Lockers can also be installed with shelf, shoebox and seating options.

Rynat’s exclusive anti-microbial compact laminate is utilised to make lockers resistant to bacteria. The system can be custom sized to fit your design specifications and come in a large range of colours and finishes.

Agile Workplace Lockers includes

  • Choice of locker type
  • Coat cupboards
  • Engraved number plates
  • Rear vents
  • Door 13mm compact laminate / 18mm MR MDF
  • Carcass 16mm white HMR board or internal MR MDF colour board with 2mm ABS edging
  • Shoebox with or without seating
  • Shoe drawer with or without seating
  • Adjustable compact laminate laptop shelf
  • Push to open drawer to house personal items / keys / pens etc
  • Electrical outlets including USB ports
  • Bag hook
  • Mail slot

Lock options available

  • Padlock receptors
  • Keypad locks
  • Timed keypad locks
  • RFID Mifare battery operated locks
  • Hardwired smartcard locks (For larger installations)


Agile Workplace Lockers

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