Tronic MIFARE RFID lock is a stand alone battery operated RFID lock for lockers. TRONIC Mifare allows total control of lockers by using the most widely recognised RFID technology. TRONIC Mifare is provided with an optional management software and table reader. This complete solution allows facility managers to create / delete tags, limit, control the time of use and read the last events, locker number, battery level, user ID etc. All parameters of the lock can be easily programmed by using the electronic setting card. With up to 5 master cards and 50 user cards per lock, Tronic Mifare is a complete locker management solution.

About Tronic MIFARE RFID Lock

  • RFID Mifare Smart Card
  • Multi or Dedicated User
  • Electronic Master Key
  • Automatic Opening Time
  • Locker Management Software
  • Battery Operated
  • 2 Year Warranty

Recommended Applications

  • Agile Lockers
  • End of Trip Lockers
  • Fitness Centres
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Offices

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